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Off to Japan for 10 days, promise to upload some photos when I get back. Still haven't actually unpacked my desktop computer since I moved in in January.. which has my editing software on there... might make an effort to do that when I...get back?

Enjoy yourselves :)
Hello all. Sorry, I've been rather inactive of late...

Just got a position at a new school + am relocating over the weekend (the new place is 2.5 hours away!).

Hence I will be somewhat inactive on the site (even moreso than the usual).

I promise some time this year I will attempt to not be TOO lazy and try to upload some work :)

Hope everyone is well!
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Sorry all. Just arrived in Japan in the wee hours of the morning. Have some random access to the internet. Will be back next week some time :)
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Forced Hiatus.

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 29, 2012, 3:20 PM
Hey all.

Going off for a mini-hiatus. My internet has blown out, so no internet at home for 2 weeks. Forgot that uploads counted towards my usage :P Have been uploading a lot (not on DA) > so internet has been blocked at home now.

Will be back in a couple of weeks or so.

Hopefully will update some time soon. Apologies for my inactiveness lately.

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mini-dev'meet' - night session. *edit: P

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 16, 2012, 8:57 AM

Surprise Prem M'Ship

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 10, 2012, 2:52 AM

Canon 550D Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 5, 2012, 4:56 AM
So when I logged in today, I noticed that on my profile it says that I have 1 day of premium membership left, and I just remembered that the lass from :iconcanon-550d: mentioned to me that they needed more contributors/more members. So if you have a 550D.. GO THERE NOWS :P haha.. and just to, yknow, convince you futher.. I've browsed the galleries randomly and have selected a few random deviations from there (THAT ARE COOL). :P Hopefully I will develop my nonhardcore skills to become awesome.. *one day* :P hehe :)

If you're into submitting to groups, and you have a 550D :) I highly recommend you join... ;P anyways. FEATURE TIMES! (final feature)

:thumb283182787: The Calm Dark Lakeview by LordHenkutt just let it happen by Maegondo Siwa by amobasher Skymning i Stockholm by guselektrisch :thumb198910758: Miami Skyline II by AJHege Love in my bloodstream by Tzanlex Orion in the Duvet - I by 10thapril Think about us by msendy :thumb283921451: Her Blessing laugh by msendy Childhood Memory by msendy White on white by msendy Lost And Cold by faintsmile28 hot tea by Tiroko

Hope you enjoyed it! :P NOWS> go and join :iconcanon-550d: hehe.. or recommend it to your friends :) :huggle: Hope you have a lovely day :sun: :glomp:

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Thank you (part II)

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 23, 2012, 3:03 AM

I know I mentioned it awhile back, that I would feature my second "thank you" rather soon... but things got in the way, unfortunately :(

ANYWAY. Here is the much delayed part II. (part I of the awesomes:… ) All of the deviants below are from the #photographers chat :) They have either helped me in some way or another, or have just been willing to chat when I needed someone to talk to about photography :) They are awesomesauce.

Now, the photos that I have linked... are possibly NOT their best works... but I've chucked them there anyway :) Please visit their pages/comment if you feel so :) they are all awesome people :)

Anyhoo, my trip to Tasmania and Malaysia back in January was FANTASTIC. I loved it! Haven't had time to sort through the thousands of photos I took when I was in those places, yet! But, when I do, I will definitely share a few here :)

Here are some awesome people:

13 by Kessler17 3 by Kessler17

:thumb283755684: You put the art in my heart by KatiBear

Fire lasso by LachlanF Spine by LachlanF

Nyx by lazlar :thumb272707060:

Miniature Bridge by xxsardisxx Capital Columns by xxsardisxx

I built myself a metal bird by PukeChrist Sapporo, Japan by PukeChrist

:thumb102131447: water drop 1 by OrendorffKnight

The Factory by Ryan-Bater Wanderer by Ryan-Bater

:thumb120386471: :thumb198624377:

Daytona Beach Trip 2010 by BeautifulDarkChaos Rainbow In The Sky by BeautifulDarkChaos

Fire Dancing by HawkEagleWolf Buttermilk Falls by HawkEagleWolf

Avessac Panorama by FrenetikFred Country's gonna sleep by FrenetikFred

Chipmunk by N-Fphotography Coffee, Snow by N-Fphotography

Which way is South again by BrumalSilence The End of the Trail by BrumalSilence

Keeping watch by pongwhiffy Baby Face by pongwhiffy

blue invasion by cybergranny ice landscape by cybergranny

I hope that you've enjoyed the feature + that your days are totally fantastic! :) :sun: :glomp:

If you're bored, here's the link to part I of the awesomesauceisms…

Happy New Year 2012! Hiatus for January~*

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2012, 12:12 AM

MC and HNY 2012 + Thankyou Feature (1)

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 27, 2011, 7:39 PM

Good afternoon all :) Just wanted to say a GIANT thank you for everyone's support over the past couple of weeks in regards to photography :D Helping me with decisions re: choosing cameras, how to set up certain shots etc, and I joined the photogs chatroom :D a couple of months or so ago now :) which has been awesome :D

yes I did end up buying myself a rather expensive christmas present :P haha I got the 550D + the basic kit lens 18-55mm :) + my dad is lending me his tripod at present :D woop! :D

Ah, I also gave someone a prem m'ship, and accidentally realised that was a buy/get one free thing, so I have a prem m'ship. I haven't had one in AGES. The last time I had one, i used it a LOT, featuring people once/week that I thought didn't get enough pageviews/recognition for their awesome work!

So, I thought I'd do a mini-feature, for those people that have helped me out for the past couple of months :D really appreciate your help, I've just selected 2 pieces of from from each of their galleries, they are pretty awesome! WOOP :D You might not like them, and they may not be the artists' favourite but.. OH WELLS. I reckon they're cool :D

Thanks again + check these awesome peeps out :D (this is only part I)... haha :D Only going to do 10 at a time :D

:iconvicexversa: such a lovely lass :D

Blossom by vicexversa Saint Joseph Cathedral.3 by vicexversa

:icontorsadespourfoi: very interesting character :D

Ragtime Rat by TorsadesPourFoi Bolnuevo by TorsadesPourFoi

:icontvd-photography: yay melbournian :D wooT

Happy Clouded Leopard by TVD-Photography Angry Lioness by TVD-Photography

:icontacocheff: best chef EVERR

Libreria el Pueblo by TacoCheff Los Abuelos by TacoCheff

:iconcameron-jung: yay for aussie :D and x100 :D

Just a chair by Cameron-Jung Gravity by Cameron-Jung

:iconlargethomas: thanks for answering my gazillion questions :D

Kilbrennan Farm by largethomas Sheikh Zayed Mosque I by largethomas

:iconhsp1337: first mate on photogs :D taught me how to use superdamn yehhh :D

nebula by hsp1337 Hailcohol by hsp1337

:iconmakow: so much support! + suggestions :D

:thumb67683031: :thumb105548793:

:iconbpme: :D :D

:thumb256347469: :thumb256715562:

:iconjjuuhhaa: scary sensible dude :O :D aka :iconthor:

June by jjuuhhaa Lofoten by jjuuhhaa

Will post again later this week hopefully :D Will hopefully upload some pics from my new cam :D :D wooT! :D me and baby:… :D

Thankosh all :D :huggle: :glomp: :)

Hope you all have a safe holiday + new year :sun: :D

ps. I've also become a mod(?) or whatever you call it for the following groups (just helping out with submissions)

:icondeviantsgallery: :iconallartgallery: :iconpaper-arts: :icontheunknowndeviants: :iconunseenartists:

Very interesting to see how different groups are run... :P :) hehe :D

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At the start of October I was lucky enough to have a friend lend me their DSLR - a Canon 450D (with a twin kit lens, 18-55/55-200)- to help me decide on what DSLR I should get.

So for the past month I have been trying to take as many photos as I can with this camera. I started off rather poorly with many things out of focus (and this is still the case!). But with advice from people on here (devArt) and my general mates, I have been able to develop my skills (which are still rather low) in using this camera.

Shots tried so far:
*Food photos (SO YUM!)
*People photos - still getting the hang of the right focus :S and right lighting hmmm
*General landscape photos - need to be careful with focus, a lot of the time I'm in the wrong setting - aperture, so it chooses a particular point to focus on, and the rest is blurry!
*Night shots - i've loved this!! got some good advice from people on here re: high aperture (22 + orso) and slow shutter speeds... I don't have a tripod but... some sort of beam has sufficed ! =P
*Day shots - water - I'm struggling with this one... I can take sharp photos, that's not a problem... just... can't get the same effect as I can with the low light - the smooth water effect, ! People have suggested an ND filter - but for the moment, i don't actually own a DSLR, it's a friends, so I'm just trying to work with what I have.
*Close ups - not too bad, just need to use manual focussing for these mainly... probly need to get a different set of lens for this
I still need to be very AWARE of what shot/what mode to use ... I sometimes forget to change my modes..and all the photos turn out crap! :(

BUT, having said that....I've really enjoyed using it! It's not too difficult, pretty self-explanatory :)

Since I've found this camera quite easy to use, I'm tossing up between the 550D or the 600D. Basic difference being that the 600D has a flip out screen + a user guide thing (i think?). I haven't actually really used the screen when taking photos, so I'm not sure if the extra $$ would be worth it.

Any ideas? :) or any advice on taking particular shots with DSLRs? (without a filter?)

Thanks for everyone's suggestions in my last journal :D I've really appreciated them all :)
Hello awesome watchers + random awesome ones :D

I think I MIGHT have decided on what to get..

Possibly a Nikon D3100 (with 18-55 and maybe the 55-200mm)

Just trying to gauge how many people have NIKON DSLRs?

I had a play with one today in the camera shop and I liked it :D

I also checked out the canon 1100D and the sony NEX series.

The camera dude said probably better to get nikon or canon at present just due to the lens variety :D

What camera do you have?
Hmm. I haven't been on here in yonkies. So sorry all watchers/people I watch :(

BUT, I've once again started to think about whether I should upgrade my camera.

At present I have (a very basic/cheap.. I bought it cos it was <$100 and I needed a camera fast!) Fujifilm A170

I've been looking around and I've been attracted to the SONY NEX series (nex 3, nex 5, and the latest nex C3) - which are sort of compact cameras with an option to add on lenses? There are also panasonic/olympus and a few others that have similar options :)

But there's also, of course, the good ol' Nikon & Canon DSLR's . Hmm.

I'm willing to spend up to $1000 (aussie dollars) for a solid camera.

The main thing that I want that my current camera is rather shoddy at - is taking good photos in low light/night time + macro shots. The current camera I have is good (you know.. passable) for most things like landscapes/people photos and whatnot... but in those OTHER categories... it sort of sucks.

Any advice? I really want to get something that I'm not going to need to 'upgrade' for a LONG time! haha :P

Very busy at work at present - 2 more weeks then a break! Cannot wait!




once i make a decision on a camera/if you help me? :P :P :P :P i will defs take more photos, upload.. then MAYBE get a premium acc for a little while again so i can FEATURE YOU AWESOME PEOPLE!!! YOU ARE ALL SO AWESOMEEE!!!
Yes, I'm finally submitting some work.

Haven't really edited much of it - just mostly added a frame to them :P Haha, I'm not that great with Photoshop/editing except for the brightness/contrast sort of things with them :P

Hmm, stilllooking around for a new camera :) Want one that can take good macro shots + good night time shots :D for <$1000 :P hehe

Any ideas?

I"m finding lots of awesome deviants on here + their work is amazing!

Thinking about getting a premium membership again..but.. not sure if it's worth it or not - cos when work starts again on Wednesday, I'll probably be ocnsumed by work again + neglect this site... haha

Any thoughts? :)

Anyway - happy easter to all of you, and I do apologise for neglecting devart :P hehe... hopefully I'll get back into it again soon :)

Btw I've just started penpalling! :D I've got about 10 penpals :D
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yes came back from cairns a few days ago.. i'm slowly uploading photos

i took over 3000 photos during my 2 weeks up there. was a great trip! :)

Due to my ultra lazi-ness, I haven't edited any of my recent submissions... all nice and rawwwwwwwwwwww hhaahah.. no framing or anything.. sorry!!!

Thanks heaps for all your feedback though ~ I promise in the future I'll try harder :) :) :)
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oh dear.
i just uploaded some photos from my mini road trip (18-20 december 2010)

My eyes are tired now... so i'm feeling lazy to upload malaysia/singapore photos at present.

Perhaps next time

Sorry.. I didn't edit any of the photos that I"ve uploaded. Got lazy (again!) haha.. sorry! :D :D :D


Happy new year! :) 2011 :D

Just got back from Malaysia. It's almost 3am here in Melbourne now...

Finished work on the 17th Dec,
Rd trip 18-20 Dec
Msia 21-31 Dec


I'm leaving to go to Cairns 5-19th Jan

So if i get the chance in the next couple of days.. expect some UPLOADAGE :) :) :) :)

Sorry for my dormancy!! :S
hey all

just a quick update

i think i'll be back on devart properly when work's done for the year.. in december! so sorry for not updating in ages.. just haven't had time to take any nice piccis for ages! :( unfortunately  :(

i might upload some random piccis from my 1.3megapixel camera that i took a few weeks ago.. (left my 12 mpixel cam at home :( :( :( :( :( ... ) haha.. so excuse the shoddy quality :P

anyhooble.. i shalls see you all in DECEMBER :) :) :) :) :) :)
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Well, here we are.

2 terms down.

I am still alive.



Continuous learning.

Steep learning curve.

Guess that's what it's all about

I've uploaded some updates on my life on my YT account


is my username

... and xy = my middle name

it is not


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Apologies for not being present lately.

Life has indeedly been crazy!

Teaching full time... really means full time... I get to school at 7.30am.. leave at about 7pm... and when i get home.. it's more planning/preparing/marking/admin etc etc


i do enjoy teaching

it's extremely challenging at the moment. some of the students. well. oh well... no one ever said that it would be easy, that's for sure!

and :O wow at the 15k pageviews! haha.. thanks all! :0

I haven't submitted anything proper in AGES. holidays are a few weeks away. once that happens. PHOTOS HOPEFULLY! :)

had about 5000 deviations to look at... so sorry if i didn't comment! :(

anyhoo.. how is everyone else? hope you're all doing well :)
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